Movie Review: Unstoppable

Until the last 5 minutes of Unstoppable, I thought the movie was going to be an absolute train wreck. Fortunately, Denzel Washington saves the day with a heroic performance; 3 stars.

But seriously.

The Blog has been largely out of commission since the big move, which is going quite well through the first few weeks at the new place downtown. I’ve been in San Diego for a week, and am leaving Sunday for a week in Hawaii with my Mom. I’ll head back to SLO for the remainder of the year after Labor Day.

I’ve picked up a few jobs in the meantime; all discovered online, all quite obscure.

I responded to an ad on a freelance website seeking a fresh, new publicist for a hip-hop group. I enjoy hip-hop, and intend to (technically) concentrate in public relations with my degree in June. My application, perhaps, was a bit optimistic, but it was truthful and articulate (PR is about making things look good, sometimes better than they truly are). I failed to mention I was only three weeks into my Intro to PR class; I saw little relevance or benefit to that.

Days later I was contacted by JClay of 5th Flow, the Houston trio that soon became my first official client. In summary, my responsibility is to strategically inform specific groups about 5F in a compelling, honest way. My PR teacher lent me books from future classes to learn about my job on the fly. The books have been helpful, arguably more so than Intro to Public Relations was, and our first campaign is 2 weeks away from being launched. More to come on this.

Another exciting opportunity I received is to host weekly trivia at an Irish pub in San Luis Obispo. This job was acquired on craigslist, contrary to the hopelessness of CL job hunting I was feeling in July. For two hours every Wednesday night, I will be reading questions, awarding points and answers, and (after my second week) getting free beers. I also get paid upwards of $75 a night depending on the crowd size. More to come on this as well.

I’m blogging for a social media site in its early testing phase, which they say is going well but I find fairly disorganized. Nothing more to come on this, besides $14/week for two blogs regarding my thoughts on love and life, which I have been doing pro bono on the SloBlog since March. Being a sellout isn’t as fun as being a B-seeking independent journalist, but it pays better.




Short Story: The Protector

by Brent Lowrey

Elliot’s eyes wandered off the highway and through the passenger side window, where traces of a beautiful sunset lingered over the Pacific Ocean. He took a quick glance at Lisa, his passenger, whose stoic face held a lingering beauty of its own. Their first vacation as a couple was nearly over and neither one could wait.

The Beach Boys blared through the speakers of his Honda Civic as it sped past a sign for Ventura—home—23 miles away. “Elliot!” screamed Lisa, shattering what had, until then, been an unpleasantly long silence between them. His attention jolted back onto the road.

Without signaling, a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee started merging into Elliot’s lane. He slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid a collision, but lost control of the steering wheel in the process. The old car skidded left and right several times before it came to a complete stop, perpendicular to traffic. There were no oncoming cars, no other witnesses to their miracle. The Jeep was long gone.

Elliot’s hand pressed firmly against Lisa’s chest, where he instinctively reached to protect her during the scare. She grabbed his hand and squeezed. Together, for the first time all weekend, they breathed an enormous sigh.

Short Change

For Teresa’s sake I pretended it was a routine trip to visit Mommy. Truthfully, each passing minute felt like an eternity. By that logic, the bus was already 12 eternities late.

“Watch me get bitched out by my boss because of the bullshit city transit,” said a kid, twenty-something, whining to his wireless earpiece on the next bench over. Dressed shabbily in a wrinkled shirt and slacks, the kid carried on his phone as if no one could hear him. “It’s fucking unprofessional.”

A woman seated between us shook her head and sighed loudly as the vulgar conversation dragged on. When her nonverbal messages went unreceived, she looked to me as though the situation called for patriarchal intervention. While I shared a similar opinion of the kid, I had no energy nor desire to start a public confrontation, especially in front of my daughter. Continue reading

Breaking News: Suspected DUI hospitalizes pedestrian

Police arrested a man on suspicion of driving under the influence today after his Toyota Tacoma struck a parked car on Cerro Romauldo Ave around 4 p.m., sending one man to the hospital.

Kyle Josephson, was removing a television from his friend’s Subaru when he was suddenly knocked to the ground by the open passenger door. Upon impact, he was dragged several yards alongside the curb with the car. Josephson suffered cuts and bruises, though his injuries are not life-threatening.

Neighbor Bill Bradley was washing his car a few houses away when he heard the impact. He helped remove the driver from the crime scene, while Josephson and friends waited for an emergency response. Continue reading

Movie Review: Stripes

With no success, I’ve been trying to land online freelance writing gigs virtually anywhere I can. I’m dabbling in different areas within the industry to build a portfolio, and find my strengths. For my first movie review, I chose a film I’d never seen or heard of before:

Stripes, 1981

Directed by Ivan Reitman

Starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis

In a slapstick attempt at military satire, Stripes is as purposeless as its main characters, played by Bill Murray and big-screen newcomer Harold Ramis. Continue reading

Ghetto Superstar

I mentioned I’m reading a biography of Elvis Presley in an earlier post. I picked up his 1969 album From Elvis in Memphis, which has since been listed by Rolling Stone as one of the top 500 albums of all time. The 36 songs sound distinctly different from any others on my summer playlist, but I found this one especially brilliant.

Continue reading